Tech Master Jim – Providing Solutions to Technical Problems
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For over 40 years Jim Stevenson has been solving business problems with technical solutions.

Over the years Jim’s provided quality systems to satisfied users, all the way from designing and developing software systems through to the installation and maintenance of them. As systems grew in complexity and the hardware shrank in size, Jim advanced from the legacy systems on to the PC and internet web design and development.

In the process Jim has worked alone as an independent contractor and as part of a team in various businesses. In addition, he’s managed teams of programmer-analysts and has taught classes on various programming languages and data base interfaces.

Jim’s experience covers a wide range of industries like Corporate Headquarters, Wholesale Distribution, Manufacturing, Insurance, Banking, Retail Sales, Public Utilities, Communication, and Public Housing.

The business systems Jim has designed and/or developed have included all the various support systems needed to run an effective business like:

  • accounting – general ledger, cost accounting, expense analysis, purchasing, payables, receivables
  • payroll, personnel, and human resources
  •  fixed assets
  • inventory management
  • manufacturing requirements planning
  • insurance systems – universal life policy valuation and administration, insurance agent quotes
  • banking and credit – retail credit approval modeling, credit card fraud
  • retirement plan administration
  • energy systems – electric heat survey, customer accounting
  • telephone and communication – call tracing and use analysis

Jim’s the A-1 troubleshooter, problem solver and resolution provider to these various industries, and has been the ultimate go-to guy when others couldn’t find resolutions to technical problems.

Developed Areas of Mastery:

  • Determining the business need behind the system design request
  • Translating client user requirements into system specifications that meet the user’s business objectives
  • Turning troubled projects into successful computer based systems

Throughout this time Jim has handled all aspects of the system design process from initial meetings with clients to determine requirements, including RFP’s, through the development of systems specifications, test plans, implementation plans and system acceptance criteria. Then he oversaw the projects from beginning to final installation.

Along the way to the internet revolution, Jim has developed expertise in Google AdWords account maintenance, internet marketing, web site design and development,  SEO, and WordPress blog template theme installation, modification, and maintenance.

Today Jim is making available this depth of knowledge and experience on the internet as Tech Master Jim.

If you have a technical problem that needs troubleshooting, and would benefit from individual attention and resolution you may contact Jim through the Contact form.