PHP – What Is It?

What is PHP? If you look over the internet, you’ll see references to PHP everywhere. But it wasn’t that long ago when there were only simple HTML web pages on web sites. These pages were static and displayed exactly what was written in the HTML code.

Then Came PHP

If you’re interested in the origins of things, Wikipedia has an excellent article about the beginnings of PHP. Like many languages it started out to solve one person’s problem, Rasmus Lerdorf. He wanted to have his own Personal Home Page that he could easily update. Thus, was born PHP.

PHP Script Has Evolved

From this early beginning, PHP scripts have evolved into a relatively complex set of commands that can perform many different functions to create dynamic web pages. In fact it’s the scripting language that the popular WordPress blogging software is based upon. All WordPress blogs are running PHP programming.

PHP Is Now Hypertext Preprocessor

Now that PHP has been release into the public, the early name changed to Hypertext Preprocessor. What this means is that the commands in PHP preprocess information to create HTML pages before the pages are sent back to your browser. This in turn gives great flexibility to the displayed pages. One HTML page can now display a multitude of different information, and in some cases look entirely different. That’s the reason a PHP script can create dynamic HTML pages.

Learning PHP to PHP Outsourcing

Whether you want to learn PHP, do PHP programming, become a PHP programmer, or just understand PHP code, the TechMasterJim blog can provide you the type of help you’re looking for. You don’t have to be a PHP developer to find valuable assistance in dealing with a PHP template.

PHP Training And PHP Tutorials

From time to time there will be some PHP training, discussion of PHP software, some PHP examples of dealing with specific problems, and occasional references to a PHP book that may be of additional help.

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By: Tech Master Jim

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